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A tailor-made programme: College Como 14›19

College Como is a private international institute, the only one of its kind in Italy, which offers a stimulating environment designed to match the plans and aspirations of young people looking for a place to live, pursue their higher studies and enjoy sports and activities. All this within a campus surrounded by a centuries-old park, just outside Como and a few kilometres from Milan.
A private college for young people in which to experience higher studies tailored to the individual student, thanks to specialised lecturers ready to develop each student's strong points and work together on areas to be strengthened.
Students can choose to enrol in one of the many secondary school programmes available, with the advantage of exclusive, constant, and quality support.
In addition, it is possible to join the Bilingual Project with mother-tongue teachers, which will enable students to achieve proficiency in the main languages spoken in Europe (English, Spanish and French), not only consolidating their language skills but also tackling the study of subjects in foreign languages in College. In addition, language workshops are planned, including Russian and Chinese.
College Como - the only private institute in Italy to do so - offers the valuable opportunity to live an all-round experience, from an individual and educational point of view, which will allow you to lay a secure foundation on which to build your future.
From the perspective of personal development, the College's Educators accompany the student in his social and relational maturation, while the Coach guides him along a pedagogical path of growth and motivational support.

A solid future

An excellent path, a unique experience in Italy, which will give all students the personal, relational and educational tools as a solid foundation for becoming an adult of tomorrow

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