College Como 14›19

A place full of opportunities, where you can learn and grow in a peaceful environment

College Como 14›19 is a one-of-a-kind Italian secondary school.

Points of reference for the students, will be the teachers, who will prepare them from an academic viewpoint, and with the same consistency and careful attention the educators will guide the students’ personal growth by making them become a responsible, confident, and independent individual.
In College Como pupils are channelled on a growth path involving both personal development, through the educational level, unlocking pedagogical and relationship potential, and knowledge, thanks to purpose-built curricula created for a fruitful learning.
The College provides, for all courses, a distinction between morning lessons and afternoon activities. During the afternoon, students consolidate, experiment with, put to the test and deepen the contents offered in the morning, with guided exercises. We recommend students practise recreational, cultural activities or sports to each student, to encourage sharing and collaboration in teamwork skills which also facilitates learning.
Our teachers and educators have the task of identifying and promoting the pupils' abilities to give a conscious and a meaningful value to the many experiences they will have at the Campus.
The mission of College Como 14>19 is to educate students by putting them at the centre of our educational focus, in all its aspects: cognitive, affective, relational, athletic, aesthetic, and ethical.


Teachers place each single student’s preparation as the core purpose of their educational project, and an educational path that will guide each student into realising his/ her aspirations and achieving their ambitious goals in their studies.
In addition to traditional didactics, they develop school workshops, in-depth study sessions, recaps, and homework study time in order to create a path of constant reinforcement. Working in small classes, students have the opportunity of participating in target-set lessons, based on innovative and effective learning methods.
The introduction of a bilingual pathway, the CLIL methodology and mother-tongue teachers, allows students to acquire traditional subject content while, at the same time, integrate the English language and develop a flexible mind and a greater cognitive ability.


Our educational staff is made of a team of expert professionals, with years of experience in education. Their common goal is to identify the personal characteristics of each student and implement an individual project that will accommodate the needs and weaknesses of each student.
The educators guide the students throughout the day, ensuring an active presence, in order to create a familiar and welcoming atmosphere. They offer engaging psycho-educational activities and training workshops every day, and they accompany the students to individual and team sport activities.
The educator's role is to support the student in their growth and in achieving developmental life-stage tasks. The progress and goals which have been achieved are monitored and shared through a dialogue between college and families, thus, maintaining a meaningful point of contact between each student and their home.

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